I Finished/Terminé Smaugust!

Queen/Reina For the final prompt of smaugust, I wanted to give a feeling of a climax. I drew the Dragon Queen, leading her people through their journey. I also decided to not make the queen seem any more powerful than the rest of them, because A: the drawing would seem off balance, and B: becauseContinue reading “I Finished/Terminé Smaugust!”

Smaugust Day/Día 24-29

Armor/Armadura Just a happy little armored eyeball dragon. Solo un pequeño dragón globo ocular blindado feliz. Punch/Puñetazo One of my favorite drawings so far, this dragon is based off of sharks. He uses magic to throw an extremely powerful punch. Uno de mis dibujos favoritos hasta ahora, este dragón está basado en tiburones. Utiliza laContinue reading “Smaugust Day/Día 24-29”

Smaugust day 15/Día 15

sad/triste My inspiration for today is slugs. and parasites. I forget what it’s called, but there’s a type of parasite that lives in slugs. The parasites are brightly colored, so that prey will come and eat the slugs. They then live in the prey’s stomach. I decided that this dragon has a more extreme versionContinue reading “Smaugust day 15/Día 15”

Smaugust Day 12/Día 12

Grow/Crecer Today I decided to draw a fungus dragon. Fungus always reminds me of growing, because under the ground, fungus creates branching passages that expand constantly. Those passages are also the inspiration for the design on this dragon’s cloak. Hoy decidí dibujar un dragón hongo. Los hongos siempre me recuerdan el crecimiento, porque debajo delContinue reading “Smaugust Day 12/Día 12”