Daily Art/Arte por Día #31

Theme assignment/Asignación de Tema As you may know, today is the theme assignment in comic camp. The theme was: A robot version of something. I decided to draw a robot version of the cartoon Felix the Cat. Hoy es la asignación del tema en el campamento de cómics. El tema era: una versión robotizada deContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #31”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #30

Character Assignment/Asignación de personaje Today is the character assignment at comic camp. I made a Velvet worm character. Velvet worms are a type of rare worm that shoot slime to immobilize their prey. Hoy es la asignación de personajes en el campamento de cómics. Hice un personaje de gusano Velvet. Los gusanos de terciopelo sonContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #30”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #29

Script assignment/Asignación de guión Today in comic camp, our assignment is the script assignment. We are given a story, and we make a comic out of it. I decided to use a more simplified, webcomic type style. Hoy en el campamento de cómics, nuestra asignación es la asignación del guión. Nos dan una historia yContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #29”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #28

Scene assignment/Asignación de escena Today is the first day of my last week in comic camp. Today, like always, is the assignment when we are given a setting and a bunch of characters to put in a drawing. Instead of telling you these characters and setting, I decided to let you all interpret it howeverContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #28”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #27

Blink If you have have been reading this blog for a while, you might know about Blink, the character I play in Dungeons & Dragons. Today I decided to redesign him and write a couple facts about him: He can use spells to communicate with spirits. The gauntlet on his arm is made of theContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #27”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #26

Once again, I don’t have any drawings today. BUT, I will write a little about the elements of art. If you don’t know what the elements of art are, they are a set of important aspects in visual art, which need to be used properly to create something cool. Here they are: Line. A pathContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #26”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #25

The first page of Sand/La primera página de Sand Today, I had a different assignment in comic design, but I didn’t like the drawing. I decide to share the first page of my comic Sand instead. Hoy, tenía una tarea diferente en el campamento de cómics, pero no me gustaba el dibujo. Decido compartir laContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #25”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #24

Character assignment/Asignación de personaje Wednesday’s assignment in comic camp is the character assignment. We create a “Turnaround” of an original character. I chose to draw the main character in a comic i’ve been working on called Sand. La tarea del miércoles en el campamento de cómics es la tarea del personaje. Creamos un “Turnaround” deContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #24”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #23

Script assignment/Asignación de guión Today’s assignment in comic camp is the script assignment. We are given a script, which we interpret into a comic. I decided to try something different today and draw my comic in a black to white spectrum. La asignación de hoy en el campamento de cómics es la asignación de guión.Continue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #23”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #22

Scene assignment I’m back at comic camp! For anyone who doesn’t know, the first assignment at the comic camp I go to is called the scene assignment. We are given a scene and a bunch of characters, and we put them together in a drawing. The scene was a touch pool at an aquarium. TheseContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #22”