Daily Art/Arte por Día #11

Sci-Fi July/Julio de ciencia ficción #9 Prompt: Snake/Indicador: Serpiente Today, my creative side was feeling lazy. Also, my last black stabilo fine liner ran out of ink, and that limited what I could do. I like this drawing, but it is definitely not one of my favorites. Instead of ordering new stabilo pens, I decidedContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #11”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #9

Sci-Fi July/Julio de ciencia ficción #7 Prompt:Different/Indicador: Diferente For today’s prompt, I drew two characters. I named them Block (left) and Foam (right) Block and foam could not be more different, but they still became friends, and totally kick butt. Para el Indicador de hoy, dibujé dos personajes. Los llamé Block (izquierda) y Foam (derecha).Continue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #9”

Daily Art/Arte porDía #8 (50th Post!/Publicación #50)

SciFi July/Julio de Ciencia ficción #6 Prompt: Carnivore/Indicador: Carnívoro Today’s prompt is Carnivore. I feel like a lot of carnivores are pictured as big muscly monsters with sharp teeth. I decided to make my carnivore more long and skinny, with bright colors. I took away her eyes to make her look at least a littleContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte porDía #8 (50th Post!/Publicación #50)”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #7

Sci-Fi July/Julio de ciencia ficción #5 Prompt: End/Indicador: Fín For the prompt End, I drew this character. He fought in multiple wars, and sacrificed parts of himself each time. In order to keep fighting, he replaced most of his body with prosthetics. By the time he finally stopped fighting, the only organic part of himContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #7”

Daily art/Arte por Día #6

Sci-Fi July day 4/Julio de ciencia ficción día 4 Prompt: Old/Indicador: Viejo Here in America, today is Independence day! I decided to make an America (the united states, specifically) themed drawing. I drew Abraham Lincoln, being preserved in space goop, in a giant robot. I imagine that the United states wanted to bring back theirContinue reading “Daily art/Arte por Día #6”

Daily Art/Arte por día #5

Sci/Fi July/Julio de ciencia ficción #3 Prompt: Hungry/Indicación: Hambriento For the art prompt hungry, I decided to draw a tyrant prince; Hungry for power and money. He’ll do anything to get the riches he thinks he deserves. He sees himself as better than his subjects, and taxes them huge amounts of money. He rarely doesContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por día #5”

Daily Art/Arte por día #4

Sci-Fi July day 2/Julio de ciencia ficción día 2 prompt/indicador: Reborn/Renacido For the prompt reborn, I decided to draw an old robot head being upgraded to a new body. though it looks a little bit like the head is being ripped off of the body… Para el indicador renacimiento, decidí dibujar una vieja cabeza deContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por día #4”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #3

Sci-Fi July Day 1/Julio de Ciencia ficción día 1 Prompt/indicador: Jump/Saltar Today is the first day of Sci Fi July! The prompt was jump. When I think jump, one of the first things I think of is a basketball player. So, I decided to imagine what a basketball player would look like in a scienceContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #3”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #2

Script Assignment/Asignación de guión As you know from the last time I was at comic camp, the script assignment is when we are given a script, and we make it into a comic. I think the second panel looks a little confusing, but other than that, I like this comic. Como saben desde la últimaContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #2”