Daily Art/Arte por Día #18

Monkey/Mono I like monkeys. I mean, who doesn’t? Me gusta los monos. ¿Quién no? More tomorrow! ¡Más mañana!

Daily Art/Arte por Día #16

The MoonTroll/ El Troll de Luna Before I write anything else, I wanted to talk a little bit about why I haven’t been doing Sci-Fi July today or yesterday. The problem with doing a sci-fi themed daily art challenge is that it’s too specific. If i’m doing a challenge like Inktober, I can make aContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #16”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #15

My D&D Party Today I decided to take a break from Sci-Fi July so that I could focus on a different comic-related project. Today, I’ll be sharing an artwork I made a few days ago, with the characters in my Dungeons and Dragons group. Here’s a little bit about them (Left to right): first upContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #15”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #14

Sci-Fi July/Julio de ciencia ficción #12 Prompt: fire/Indicador: Fuego For today’s prompt, I drew the Flare 20, the newest flying car from Chispa Industries. Unlike previous models, this automobile works as a modern sports car, as well as a racing lowrider. I decided to draw it racing off into the distance. Para el aviso deContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #14”

Daily Art/Arte por Día #12

Sci-Fi July/Julio de ciencia ficción #10 prompt: Huge/Indicador: Enorme Today, I wasn’t feeling very artsy. I feel like my drawing ended up a little bit cliche. hopefully, tomorrow I can think of something a bit more original. Hoy no me sentía muy artístico. Siento que mi dibujo terminó siendo un poco cliché. Espero que mañanaContinue reading “Daily Art/Arte por Día #12”