How I make a drawing start to finish

Step 1: Sketching

The first step in making a drawing is sketching. To make my sketch, I use a ruler to box in the section I’m going to draw in. Then, I use basic shapes with very few details to map out where I want things to go. This stage is the roughest. It’s the time for me to make mistakes.

Step 2: refined sketch

Step 2 is the refined sketch. First, I use a kneaded eraser, which I roll up and down on the paper to make my sketch more faint. Then, I use my pencil to map out where I want specific lines to be. Notice how I didn’t refine the spirits in the bottom right and top left. that’s because they wont have line work, just coloring.

Step 3: Basic line work

In step 3, I trace over my refined sketch with my stabilo F fine liner after thinning the lines of my sketch with a kneaded eraser like in step 2. I don’t make all the lines the same width, because that could jumble up some areas (or make some places look to thin,) and the drawing would look more flat. look at the dots on blaster bunny’s forehead. those lines are the actual width of my fine liner. all the thicker lines where made by creating several lines next to each other.

Step 4: details

During this step, I used thin lines to make blaster bunny’s face wrinklier, and his weapons more textured. generally, texture is my main focus in this step.

Step 5: selecting color palette

This is one of the most important steps. I used to not select a color palette, before moving on to coloring, and my drawings pop so much more now that I do.

Step 6: coloring

Step 6 is probably my favorite. I this stage, I color my drawing. Recently, I have been trying to do more coloring in areas that have no line work. One of the ways that I do that is by including some of my original characters: the spirits. I like the fun simplicity of spirits, and they help bring diversity into the drawing. Heads up: They will appear more on the blog.

Step 7: Epic signature

I think that this step speaks for itself.

Well, this is the process I go through every time I make a drawing. I hope you enjoyed!

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