What I’ve been up to recently/Lo que he estado haciendo recientemente

Blue/Azul For this artwork, I found a blue binder separator that I never used for school. I put some paper on it and went with a blue theme. It was pretty fun to draw on something that wasn’t just regular paper. Para esta obra de arte, encontré un separador de carpetas azul que nunca uséContinue reading “What I’ve been up to recently/Lo que he estado haciendo recientemente”

A Harwickton Story (English version/Version Ingles)

Hello. It’s pretty obvious that I’ve been posting a lot less than my usual twice a week. I have some some new artwork and a break from school next week, so I should be able to post more frequently. Today I’m sharing a story that takes place in Harwickton, the mystical town that I thoughtContinue reading “A Harwickton Story (English version/Version Ingles)”

Inktober days/días 24 – 31

I finished up the characters for my Inktober artwork! The final drawing itself isn’t yet finished, but I’ll have that posted soon. ¡Terminé los personajes para mi obra de arte de Inktober! El dibujo final en sí aún no está terminado, pero lo publicaré pronto. Dig/Cavar Personal Recording: My name is Greu Dawson. Age, 45.Continue reading “Inktober days/días 24 – 31”

Inktober days/días 18-23

Trap/Trampa Personal recording: (radio static, last 8 and a half minutes) (thud) (soft breathing) (recording ends.) Grabación personal: (radio estática, últimos 8 minutos y medio) (ruido sordo) (respiración suave) (finaliza la grabación). Dizzy/Mareada Personal recording: My name is (hiccup) Dazala, my friends call me Dizzy Daisy, (laughs) Age, 26. Sex, female. Gender, woman. Bout’ aContinue reading “Inktober days/días 18-23”

Inktober days/días 11-17

Here are my most recent inktober drawings, some of my favorites are in here. Enjoy. Aquí están mis dibujos inktober más recientes, algunos de mis favoritos están aquí. Disfrutan. Disgusting/Asqueroso Personal recording: My name is Dick Joseph. Age, 76. sex, female. Gender, woman. A lot of people in this town are dead. I’m one ofContinue reading “Inktober days/días 11-17”

Inktober days/días 5-10

Here are my recent inktober drawings. Aquí están mis dibujos de inktober recientes. Blade/Espada Personal recording: My name is Sugar. age, about 3,032. Sex, I forgot. Gender, man. I used to be an arms dealer in the 1600’s. I was ambushed and killed while delivering two swords to some of my allies, in the landContinue reading “Inktober days/días 5-10”

Inktober days/días 3-4

Hey everyone. In the last post, there were a couple mistakes, sorry about that! You may also be wondering how my previous drawing links to the word wisp, considering there are no wisps. I sometimes hear people refer to small bits of smoke as Wisps of smoke, and then I thought about the bee smokers.Continue reading “Inktober days/días 3-4”

Inktober Day/Día 2

Wisp/ Voluta Personal Recording: The names Alysarah, but most people call me Alys. Age, 25. sex, not quite sure, more on that later. gender, woman. I justed moved to Colouny street. A couple years ago, I wasn’t doing that great, and I made money through swiping wallets and the occasional burglary. I served my time,Continue reading “Inktober Day/Día 2”