Inverted color challenge

Right now, turn on high contrast mode and look at the drawing. trust me. This was another fun drawing. The way that it works, I had to make a drawing that looked normal while the colors are inverted. It was pretty difficult, because since I was working on white paper, I had to leave spaces for the black line work in white.

Mediums: stabilo fine liner and ohuhu art markers

Coronavirus Superhero

I decided to draw an anti-coronavirus superhero to celebrate The people working hard to stop the covid 19 problem. It was pretty fun to draw, especially because of the colors. red and green are complementary colors, so they worked perfectly together. It was also my first attempt at shading with alcohol markers. I also used the bullet tip on the markers to do some of the line work, and it made the whole drawing pop. it was also easier to make small details.

Mediums: stabilo fine liner and ohuhu art markers

Fire Dragon

As I made this drawing, I realized that it looked a lot similar to Joe (see below), so I decided to make him fiery colors as almost an opposite to Joe’s blue and green colors. I made this drawing because I noticed that a lot of the dragons I make are coiled in an S shape. Of course, this one just looks like a mangled S shape… so I kind of ruined the point.

Mediums: stabilo fine liner and ohuhu art markers

My Biggest Project yet is completed!

After a total of six hours of work, the biggest project on aliens in repose (for now) is finished! I decided to take the suggestions that were offered in the comments. I hope you like the finished result! After a diligent process, I came decided on the title Joe. I was a little worried, since I had just gotten my alcohol markers, but hard work did pay off. I’m really glad that I did my first tests with the markers before trying a big drawing.

Mediums: stabilo fine liner and ohuhu art markers

Drawings not on paper

Disclaimer: I made these by drawing on sticker paper and then putting that on other things… so the drawings technically are on paper.

First up is this mirror. I put the items in order of least favorite to favorite. Just because this is my least favorite of the items, it doesn’t mean I don’t like it. Recently, on “what next”, I got votes from none other than another kid art blogger named Janya. I thought that was pretty cool, so I decided to merge their two votes together. they voted for three color challenge and drawings not on paper. this mirror was the result.

Mediums: ohuhu art markers and sticker paper.

Go visit Janya’s blog:

When the lamp is not lit
When the lamp is lit

Next was this lamp. since it glows purple, I tried to make a purple snake, but the markers ended up drying as a reddish color. The snake was also supposed to wrap around the lamp, but I guess I didn’t consider what shape the lamp was.

Mediums: Ohuhu art markers and sticker paper

Next was this mini briefcase. I love how the green and white worked on the black. I also like the eyes in the middle.

Mediums: ohuhu art markers and sticker paper

This is my favorite item. the stickers are paper and the folder is also paper, so I ruined the point of not drawing on paper twice. I still like this one the most. For this one, I decided to merge two things: space and the ocean. I combined an astronaut and one of those old-timey scuba divers to make the character. I always thought that scuba divers and astronauts had kind of similar environments. They both wear oxygen-providing suits, They can both float around, and both explore the unknown. I got the idea when I didn’t have blue or black folders, and realized I could use one color to transmit two ideas.

Mediums: ohuhu art markers and sticker paper

New changes to Aliens in Repose

I have decided to make some changes to the blog. I am relatively new to WordPress, and I realized that my subscribers don’t get notifications when I add to my portfolio. So, now I will be posting my artworks as a separate post from my portfolio. I’m going to continue to put the artworks in my portfolio, but the description and other aspects will only be available in my latest posts section. if you are wondering why my portfolio pictures no longer will have have descriptions, this is why.

“What next” (legit) results

well, Wednesday has arrived, and I continue with no new votes since last time.

HoWeVer, I’m not going to let this setback stop me from doing artworks. I have decided to do two of the listed ideas. First, The twenty individual duck drawings, and second, drawings on things that aren’t paper. Even though it is already Wednesday, if anyone missed the deadline, I’m not going to say no to any votes. I’d still love to know what you think.


We finally figured out an issue with recent posts, and now everyone can read them, on the blog. Latest posts are now available on the homepage. Huzzah.

Biggest project yet!

I am currently working on my biggest art project yet, and I’m happy to say that its coming out nicely! I’m going to leave most of the decisions to my viewers. I honestly doubt that i’ll get that many answers, if any, but if you want to take part in how this artwork will turn out, comment possible color schemes or other ideas you think would look cool on this drawing. title ideas? the total time I have spent so far is 3 hours. If you can’t tell from the picture, its the size of four sheets of copy paper put together. here’s what it looks like with currently:

Also, some hints about other things I’m working on, try to unscramble the letters:

  • ecsern ipgnrti
  • aolhhclo rraskme
  • eudsitcozm tsffu

“What next” results

Well, I only received one vote for the what next poll. I could just go with that, but I’ve decided that I’m going to stretch the deadline a little bit, because I forgot to mention that today was the last day. So, I’m giving until Wednesday, April 8th to turn in your votes via comment. just so you remember, the options are:

  1. 20 individual duck drawings
  2. a bunch of my worst artworks
  3. animal mash-ups.
  4. clay sculpting (Provided I can actually go buy some clay)
  5. drawings on things that aren’t paper.
  6. an artwork with all my (insert color here) art supplies.
  7. Three color challenge

I hope to hear from you soon.