(I forgot to give him shoulders haha)

Nobody knew too much about George Crowell. Most people didn’t even think that was his real name. The only thing that was certain about George is that he had some peculiar ideas about nature.

Every evening, he would walk up and down the streets, talking about the dance of nature. As he told it, nature was all music, a constant tune that he could hear vividly. All of nature danced along to the song, from the wind and trees to the birds and bugs.

George said that people needed to listen to the song again, and they needed to dance. George was saddened by those who would turn their ears away. The song was incomplete without humans playing along.

And so every night, when the sun went down, George stripped down to his underwear and danced in the street. Most people payed him no attention, and went to bed as usual. The neighborhood children, however, didn’t know any better.

Late at night, the kids would open their windows and watch George dance. As the wind howled by, they watched George become swept about in the motion. They watched his body rise with the sound of the cicadas, and lower with the call of the bullfrogs.

The air would sweep past their skin, and the smell of summer would fill their noses. And as nature yelled, and George danced, a beautiful tune would arise. The children heard nature’s song, and couldn’t help but dance.

The end.

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