Random ideas that never worked out

I’ve had a bunch of ideas that never became a finished product. I still wanna give them a place to exist, hence this post.



A comic about a lady who breaks out of a giant egg, set in the 90s. She explores the bizarre town she woke up in, which is visually based off of where I lived. She fights and/or befriends all sorts of strange people and magical entities.



A clothing brand called BAD GUYS INC, which has a classic monster theme. It would include all sorts of apparel, make up, and jewelry. Stuff like eyeball earrings and monster print t-shirts. I might actually come back to this idea at some point.



A hip-hop album called WORLD DOMINATION about change, with an alien invasion motif. I came up with the idea with a friend when we were talking about UFOs while walking to school. I even made a track list on my notes app:



Gravity control


I can almost feel it



Hiding place

Rocket boots




President Angler’s official declaration of war.

World Domination


Stick-shift UFO



An instagram art account run by two made up characters named Joey and Linus. I actually did this for a while on my instagram, but I stopped because it felt limiting.



A character name Igro, a deformed man, moving through a harsh world to learn magic. I never got as far as to decide what his motivation was, which makes the idea of him seem kind of mysterious to me.

That’s all for today, see you later.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joeyealain/

(I just made one of my favorite drawings ever and posted it there, it’s called DENTIN. I might make a post about it here at some point)

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