Some drawings and a quick story

About two years ago, I started an art blog called Aliens in Repose.

I posted my drawings for the most part, sometimes adding stories or descriptions of my process. I wasn’t the best with scheduling, but I posted plenty, and had fun doing it.

I had 100 posts after a while, but by then I was posting much less. I started an instagram around the same time, and spent most of my time there. I still post every other day, you can follow the account here:

(If the link doesn’t work, it’s probably because I changed the account username. If that is the case, the post will be edited in a short amount of time and the link will work again.)

I also archived all of the posts on the blog, for varying reasons. Usually because they were cringe or the drawings didn’t look good.

After a long while of radio silence, I wondered why I still hadn’t posted. Truth is, I had tried plenty of times.

The reason hit me eventually: I was chasing perfection.

Today I decided that I wasn’t getting anywhere, and decided to just post regardless. Is it perfect? maybe not. But that’s better than sitting around waiting for an idea that would subvert genre and make me the king of drawing blogs.

Speaking of drawings, here are some of mine.

Nature Face

I drew this back in spring. I wanted to make a drawing that somehow combined with nature. This was that drawing.

I originally made a short video compilation that showed the face in different places. Here it is below. (some minor flashing lights)

Nature face video

The video didn’t come out great, and didn’t format well on instagram. I’m still glad I tried.

Dome 23

This is a character I came up with a while ago, named Bailey. I ended up making a black and white “Old” version as well as a regular colored one. I recently discovered that wordpress has an “image compare” feature, so that ended up going well. I’ll probably do more stuff like that in the future.

I imagine that Bailey is doing some sort of special attack in this drawing. I named it “Dome 23” after a wacky (very explicit) song called Domo23. He also has 23 fingers up, which is fitting.

But anyways, don’t put stuff off for a year because you want it to be perfect like I did. It’s much more fun to actually put stuff out, even if it isn’t that special.

Catch you later.

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