The Demon Dinner Party

Last time I posted, quite a while ago, I said I would have more spanish stuff up soon. You can forget I said that. Since I haven’t posted since March, I decided to make a bigger, meatier, more in-depth post talking about some recent artwork. Here you go.

Cyclops Arms

This artwork was mostly self indulgent. I mainly wanted something cool I could hang on my wall, which frankly, worked out fine. It would have been cool if there was more of a story as for why this drawing came to be, but I enjoy it in a technical sense. The mood and vibe of this drawing worked out nicely, and I definitely don’t have a lot to complain about. Although I don’t really know what this guy is, I will probably return to make more artwork focused around him, and flesh him out a bit more. Again, I don’t have a lot to say about him, but I had a lot of fun with this one.


This artwork is one that I’m less excited about. The idea that I had with this artwork was trying to capture the feeling and vibe of an experience that I’ve had a couple times during the summer. My family often goes to the beach with some friends (not last year because the world is crap and life is meaningless) and this artwork… isn’t about that trip. Instead, I was thinking about a coffee shop that we sometimes go to after the trip is finished, on our way back home. While going to this coffee shop is fun, it doesn’t hold a whole lot of emotional weight in me, which is probably why I liked this artwork a bit less than a lot of other stuff. In making this, I was sort of trying to seek out the nostalgia that some of my other artworks have given me, and trying to get that sort of effect broke the experience of making something that I would remember. So yeah, not my favorite recent artworks, but still an important one for me.

Goblin Boy

This drawing is more lighthearted and comedic. My school recently moved to a hybrid learning style, so I actually attend in person on some days. (at the time this post is finished, school is already over. I should probably procrastinate less.) while I was in person, a friend of mine and myself decided to have some fun and draw each other. At the time he said something along the lines of “Just don’t make me into a goblin or something” and so obviously, I did exactly that. This was just a scribble that I actually cleaned up and inked, so I don’t have any real analysis of it.

Where are the cicadas?

One of my favorite moments of last summer was near the end, when a whole bunch of cicadas crawled out of the ground and switched into their winged bodies over a few weeks. I think cicadas are pretty cool and I hear that something we’re going to another big cicada year in 2021, so I decided to make a cicada themed drawing, just to have some fun. of course, this really looks nothing like a cicada, but I don’t mind. I like this drawing, and that’s pretty much it.

I don’t even know dude

This is, in fact, a drawing. other than that, I honestly have no idea what the heck this thing is. The drawing itself is kind of messy, but I also enjoy more than some other drawings I’ve already talked about. I’m sort of failing the whole in-depth post I was going for with a couple of these. oh well.

The Demon Dinner Party

I made this drawing while camping. I was sort of trying to capture the feeling of eating some really good food, and having fun with some friends. This drawing was the beginning of a sort of style of characters, called the demons. I also wanted to portray a wider set of emotions that couldn’t just show up through face and body language, so I figured a nice way to do this was to make the characters inhuman. I imagine each demon has one semi-abstract emotion assigned to it, and everything about their appearance is centered around it. It made it a lot easier to characterize them as opposed to regular people, with all those pesky emotions floating around. When I make a drawing, I usually accidentally end up changing the entire meaning of it by the end in a gradual process. This definitely ended up happening here, but I don’t mind. This is one of my favorites from this post.

Demons Loitering

This drawing has a similar idea as the last one, and takes place in the same universe. In contrast to the Demon Dinner Party drawing, I used rougher lines, and decided to really push the limits of what a demon can be. These demons are much more mischievous than the last. They act like hardcore criminals, you know, jaywalking and stuff. I think that the idea of each demon having one emotion is portrayed a bit better in this one. Like the first drawing, I feel like these people would be a whole lot of fun to hang out with, but for different reasons. I totally see myself making more of these demon characters in the future.

Happy pride and whatever else happens in june.

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