The Bizarre Places in my Imagination

Hello again, fellow human beings. I recently decided to start working on a group of drawings, depicting random imaginary places that I come up with. I’ve been coming up with these places for a while, but my family got kind of sick of them pretty fast. Here you go:

The Summer Army


The time is late winter, in a small coal mining town in the year 1901. The townsfolk gather outside in the dark silence. A few minutes pass. The silence slowly begins to change into a rumble. Faraway booms turn into loud explosions of heavy deep noise as millions of 3 foot tall coal black frogs bounce over the houses in a phenomenon known as the summer charge. For the next few weeks, the group of frogs, nicknamed the summer army, will pass through the town.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll have more spanish stuff soon.

Published by Aliens In Repose CJ

I Draw Things. Check out my blog if you wanna see my art. Remember, as a wise man once said, "Corn exists."

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