A Harwickton Story (English version/Version Ingles)

Hello. It’s pretty obvious that I’ve been posting a lot less than my usual twice a week. I have some some new artwork and a break from school next week, so I should be able to post more frequently. Today I’m sharing a story that takes place in Harwickton, the mystical town that I thought up during Inktober. (The finished product from that will be here soon, I don’t have any tape to put the paper together yet.) This story takes place in Harwickton, 1930, the same time as the narrative from october. Enjoy.

Edward Jameson Gold

I was never that bright, but getting lost on a populated coast is something else. This was definitely not the proudest moment of my life. I thought to myself. Maybe coming here wasn’t a good idea. It didn’t matter at that point, I had no idea how to get back to my automobile. Being a photographer and finding work is no easy task, especially during the depression. As the sun went down, I pulled out my camera and took a photo of the only thing nearby that ever belonged to civilization. It was an old gate, good and rusted. On top there was a sign that read Harwickton, upside down. The photo came out horrible, no one would ever buy it. Maybe if I opened it. One of the worst decisions of that day. I cracked it open, and stepped through to check out the other side. As I did, It snapped shut behind me. The sun was below the horizon, I didn’t know what to do. I was about to sit down and camp for the night, but then I saw it.

I was sure it was a wild animal, come to put me out of my misery. No. I thought. It was wearing a hat. Animals don’t wear hats. I started walking towards them, they had their back to me. I felt relief, they could get me back to somewhere populated. The smile on my face quickly disappeared, as I watched in horror as two long, twisted wings lifted from it’s back, and spiked tentacles grew out of its face and stomach, reaching into the tides. Thick fog rolled over the ground as it raised a struggling cod out of the water, and to its mouth. I sprinted across the cold sand.  I don’t know how long I was running, but I eventually reached what looked like a town. I found a cheap looking hotel. I needed to hide. I clutched my last few dollars and tried to walk in, but someone grabbed me from behind, and knocked me cold.

I woke up to the sun on my face, and quickly remembered the night before. I was in a cold room. I looked around, and no one was there. The only way out was the window. I tumbled out as fast as I could, not realizing that I was on the second floor. I fell to the ground and hit my shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw someone was standing next to me.

“And who are you?” they asked.

“Edward Gold.” I mumbled. “Pleasure to meet you.” 

I only saw their shoes, they seemed pretty typical. My thoughts changed when I saw their face. It was long, wet and shiny. They had no eyes or nose, only a circular gaping mouth, with teeth all around. It looked like a leech, maybe a lamprey. I flinched and muttered some words that momma wouldn’t be too happy about.

“W- What’s happened to you?” They looked at me in confusion, like they had never heard this question before.

“Look I don’t know what you’re talking about Mr. Gold- oh wait!” he exclaimed. I would be soiling myself right now, but I think I already did last night.

“Why don’t you just wait here a minute…” he said stepping into a phone booth. I couldn’t tell myself to run away this time, I was tired. And they didn’t seem like a threat. Not like that thing I saw last night. As the strange man talked on the phone, I noticed more and more people walking out onto the street. They were all just as strange as the man in the telephone booth.

I saw a boy, hovering through the air upside down. A frail old man easily carried an anchor around, which had to weigh tens of thousands of pounds. A rat the size of a person walked down the street. My eyes grew wider as I watched hundreds of these strange people walk out of their homes. The leech man stepped out of the phone booth.

“Come with me.” he said.

“Come where? Who are you? What is this place?” I had a thousand questions.

“Look,” he responded, “I can’t help you with any of that, but you need to come with me, because-”

“Because you’re a regular!” someone shouted. I turned to the noise, and realized that it was none other than the monster from yesterday. It seemed less monstrous, but it’s eyes were just as evil as last night. Without the beast even doing anything, I knew it had bad intentions.

“My name is Diablo Blacksmith,” it yelled, “and you shouldn’t have come here.” Diablo pulled a handgun from behind his back. 

“Run!” screeched the leech person. The streets erupted in chaos as a gunshot rang through the air, missing me narrowly. I took off, and so did Blacksmith. Bullets whirled through the town. I sprinted around the back of a building, but got cornered, it was a dead end. I thought that it was all over, but Diablo stopped. He turned around and flew off as the wall behind me started to shift. For the hundredth time in the past two days, I was horrified to notice that it wasn’t a wall at all. It was a giant shrimp, almost two stories tall. It had one large claw with steam trailing out of it. 

“You fool!” shouted a ghostlike creature. “You’ve upset the shrimp king!”  I backed out onto the street and hid behind a dumpster. The shrimp king emerged, looking for me. I saw Diablo, also hiding, behind a bin. The shrimp king looked like he was waiting for something, and if he didn’t have it he would kill us all. Seeing no other option, I tumbled out from behind the dumpster. “Here!” I shouted lifting up my cheap camera to the king. He seemed curious, and briefly forgot about being angry. The floating boy came out from behind his hiding place and handed his handbag to the shrimp king. The rat person then emerged, and the townspeople all came with a gift for the shrimp king. Eventually, even Diablo came out, offering his hat. The shrimp king led us to the gate that I had walked through last night, and pulled it open for me to walk through. As I walked through, he pulled a giant chunk of gold out from under his shell and offered it to me. I walked through the gate, and the townspeople disappeared. I looked for my car carrying a piece of gold that could solve all of my issues in the great depression. I glanced one final time at the gate, and left.

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