The Keres: Superhero stories and character designs installment 8

enjoy the next installment in the superhero series!

From the notes of Oliver Adamson, AKA Boreas: Things are getting confusing. It took a while, but the members of our team of supernaturals are finally getting to know each other. (entry edit: The ghost girl named Shadow Racer is hiding something…) the dragons haven’t tried to attack again. We feel like the best bet to keep this area safe is to find the figure in white, since he could defeat them easily. every member of our group seems to have interacted with him at some point, which is a little scary. While we were searching, we found more questions than answers. After we stumbled into a small museum, we found a computer generated image of a tall man with glowing hands and a brain that floated above his head. The label identified him as the keres, the greek god of violent death. pleasant. however, we noticed something weird. In most sources, the Keres are identified as a pair of female twins. I decided to scroll through the images, and I was surprised when I saw him in a painting with a mysterious figure in white. Instead of a beany and trenchcoat, they wore a pointed hat and a robe. After asking around, even the museum workers didn’t know who the figure in white was, and claimed that they were not in the painting yesterday. Could this be a clue?

This character design was supposed to not make sense. I used green colors, because that’s the color that confuses me most. I also gave him features that seemed impractical, like his floating brain. I’m a little sad to announce that this will be the last superhero story for a while. During July and August, I am going to be attempting monthly art challenges, to improve my skills. I’ll try to include superhero stories, but I can’t guarantee it. The good news it that I’ll have a new drawing every day.

More Art Coming Soon!

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