More Sketchbook drawings


For this drawing, I wanted to use my two favorite ohuhu markers: a bright yellow and a bright orange. I don’t really know why I drew a Merman at war, the idea sort of just came to me.

Mediums: Stabilo fine liner, Ohuhu art markers, and sharpie markers.


I used the art prompt Broken for this drawing. I added all the things that seem “Broken” to me: Fire, Skeletons, The color black, and misspelled words. I decided to relax and have fun with it and not worry about the sketch to much.

Mediums: stabilo fine liner, Ohuhu art markers, and Milo art markers

Wood Drawing

I’ve realized that with my Ohuhu markers, moving the marker up and down in one directions will give a really streaky look. I decide to use this to my advantage to make some abstract art on a wood-like texture.

Mediums: Stabilo fine liner and Ohuhu art markers

Superhero stories, Garage door mural, abstract outdoor art, and more coming soon!

Published by Aliens In Repose CJ

I Draw Things. Check out my blog if you wanna see my art. Also, monkeys are cool. No monkey haters allowed. Yo dibujo cosas. Mira mi blog si quieres ver mi arte. Además, los monos son geniales. No se permiten odiadores de monos.

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