More Sketchbook drawings


For this drawing, I wanted to use my two favorite ohuhu markers: a bright yellow and a bright orange. I don’t really know why I drew a Merman at war, the idea sort of just came to me.

Mediums: Stabilo fine liner, Ohuhu art markers, and sharpie markers.


I used the art prompt Broken for this drawing. I added all the things that seem “Broken” to me: Fire, Skeletons, The color black, and misspelled words. I decided to relax and have fun with it and not worry about the sketch to much.

Mediums: stabilo fine liner, Ohuhu art markers, and Milo art markers

Wood Drawing

I’ve realized that with my Ohuhu markers, moving the marker up and down in one directions will give a really streaky look. I decide to use this to my advantage to make some abstract art on a wood-like texture.

Mediums: Stabilo fine liner and Ohuhu art markers

Superhero stories, Garage door mural, abstract outdoor art, and more coming soon!

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I Draw Things. Check out my blog if you wanna see my art. Remember, as a wise man once said, "Corn exists."

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