Sketchbook Drawings!

Demon Crab

I was at my sketchbook one day, and I realized something: Crabs are awesome. So, I decided to draw this crab demon. If I could do anything differently, I would use black line art for the eyes. I tried to make a glowing effect by using red line art, but the red in the eyes ended up fading into the red of the skull. Also, This isn’t exactly a great photo, and the head seems a little blurry. Other news: before I had my ohuhu markers, I had a set called Milo markers. I didn’t like them, and that’s why I eventually got the ohuhus. After a while, I thought that maybe I just wasn’t using them very well. I got my Milo markers and decided to use them the same way I used my ohuhus, and it turns out that the Milos are just as good. So now I have a bunch of extra markers.

Mediums: Stabilo fine liner, Ohuhu art markers, and Milo art markers.

Three color challenge (again)

A while ago, I did the three color challenge by randomly selecting three markers. I drew a mushroom person. I wasn’t that happy with the result. So, I picked another three markers randomly (plus a green fineliner) and did the challenge again. I am much happier with this one. I forgot to shade, which I will try to do at some point.

Mediums: Stabilo fine liner, Milo art markers and Ohuhu art markers.

My Spidersona

I’m pretty late on the Spidersona trend, but I still wanted to try it. If you don’t know what a Spidersona is, basically, artists draw their personalities as Spiderman or Spiderwoman. The trend started when Spiderman: into the Spiderverse came out. I did make one back then, but it was kind of generic, and it didn’t really represent me. I gave my Spidersona an Alien theme, to show that He’s kind of weird. Also, green and white are my favorite colors, so I used those to for his outfit. I used things that appear a lot on my blog, like X eyes and my spirit characters. I hate spiders, so I tried to make the symbol on his chest look more like a different bug by giving it four legs instead of eight.

Mediums: Stabilo fineliner and Ohuhu art markers.

You may remember me saying that I was going to work on a mural project a while ago. That will still happen, but it’s taking a lot of time to get everything ready, so it might be a while.

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