The Figure In White: superhero story and process installment 7

I you have not read the previous stories, i suggest you do so, because this one will not make sense.

Enjoy the next installment in the superhero series:

From the notes of Oliver Adamson, aka Boreas: I made it to Mr. Thunder’s establishment for supernaturals, as he’s calling it. We were in North america, which meant that we had Green spore dragons coming. He says that the eggs fell in the water. I hope that they can’t breathe down there, because we are on a very small island, and they could attack from all sides. I decided to call myself Boreas, after the greek god of the north wind. I didn’t want people to know my real name. The townspeople are obviously panicking, and many are hiding in their homes. The EfS (The establishment for supernaturals, not to be confused with the electrical fund system) is located in an underground bunker. by the time everyone had arrived, I was in a room with a 60 year old man who could transform into lightning, a Japanese Hitman who kept a DRAGON as a pet, and what seemed to be a ghost in a mannequin. We barely had time to speak before spore dragons bursted out of the sea. This was a problem. We tried to hold them off, but we weren’t a very good team. none of us had actually fought the dragons before. things were getting desperate. The dragons had moved inland, and we couldn’t stop them. Suddenly I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was the mysterious figure in the white coat. What were they doing here? It was the first time I got a good look at them. They wore an entire outfit of white. They had a beanie and gray gloves on each hand. They wore the same white coat with a high collar that hid their face. they walked out onto the street. They didn’t seem to have any worry at all. They didn’t seem comfortable either. They raised their left hand slightly. Suddenly, brilliant orange electric energy Erupted from their shoulder, and raced around their arm. the energy reached their hand forming a ball of light. The ball burst around with energy and shredded and burned the figure’s sleeve, and ripped their glove apart. the skin underneath was perfectly fine, and the figure seemed unfazed. Every supernatural was staring in awe. As their coat flew around in the air that was being pulled by the energy, the figure spun the ball of electricity in the air. It was as if they were turning their arm into a cannon. The figure dropped into a battle stance and blasted every single dragon out of the sky in a matter of seconds. there were hundreds of them. The figure then disappeared into thin air. What is going on?

This is by far my favorite design so far. I saw a something that talked about how to transmit emotion through characters. It talked about how and absence of recognizable features could transmit fear and uncertainty. By covering the character entirely and giving them a basic pose, I can transmit those themes of fear.

More stories and designs coming soon!

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