Shadow Racer: Superhero story and process Installment 6

Before reading this story, go back and read the previous ones (Starting with Mr. Thunder story and process) to help better understand this story.

Amelia Dusk was a girl from San Juan. She was abandoned by her parents as a baby, and lived on the streets ever since. At age 17, she became a test subject for a shady drug company to make money. on the first day, a mysterious figure in a tall white coat warned her not to go through with the experiments, in a voice that sounded like a phone’s AI system. As much as she wanted to leave, she needed money, and she couldn’t get it anywhere else. During the testing, something went wrong, and Amelia turned into what seemed like a shadow filled with glowing sparks. Amelia, who was now transformed, was pulled into a dark silver mannequin. Bits of her new shadow body were exposed through the mannequin, and she no longer looked anything like she did before. She soon found out that she no longer needed to eat or drink, and could control light. The media called her shadow racer. During the dragon egg launch, she picked up Mr. Thunder’s signal. she hid on a boat heading to America so she could meet up with other supernaturals. She didn’t want to fight, but maybe some of them could be able to fix her.

For this character design, I wanted a superhero who wasn’t happy about their powers. Oliver adamson wasn’t happy about his powers either, but unlike him, I didn’t want Shadow racer’s mind to change. She flat out hates what happens to her. I made her silhouette a triangle shape, to show her anger.

More stories and designs coming soon!

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