Hitman T: Superhero story and process installment 5

If you haven’t read the previous stories (Starting with Mr. Thunder story and process), I would suggest you do so before reading this one.

My next installment in the Superhero story series:

Hitman T was a marksman from Japan. After being fired from the police force, he was in desperate need for money. In order to make the money he needed, he worked as a hitman and assassin for a government branch that worked in tracking dangerous criminals. A week or two before the dragon egg launch, he had a job to assassinate Lady Franke. When he broke into her facility in France, he encountered a failed experiment. It was a deformed dragon that had been abused after it’s creation. Instead of continuing with his mission, he escaped with the injured dragon, and helped it recover. He discovered that even though the dragon had no wings or upper appendages, it could hover through the air. When the government found out that he had abandoned the mission, they sent other assassins out to find him. Before they could, Lady Franke launched the dragon eggs. through the confusion, Hitman T picked up a transmission from Mr. Thunder in America, beckoning Supernaturals. To escape the government, he decided to go to North America and lend his abilities to the heroes there. He bought a custom-made harness from a mysterious figure in a white coat, and used it to ride his new pet dragon across the sea.

This is probably my second favorite design, after Oliver Adamson. I liked the idea of an antihero who was also a nice and caring person. I played around with the shape of a square to show a strong and trustworthy character.

I hope you enjoyed, more stories and designs coming soon!

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