SuperHero story and process installment 4: The dragons

Once again, If you are not familiar with the Superhero stories, I suggest that you go back to the first installment (Mr. Thunder story and process).

The next installment of the story and character design series:

From the notes of Oliver Adamson: A secluded villain named Lady Franke N. Stein has finally released her ultimate new invention. On May 22, 2020, a telescope tower in her lair in France opened to reveal a giant cannon. the news states that the cannon blasted a flurry of small objects into the air. From my home, I witnessed a mass of the objects fall to the ground, but begin to hover before smashing down. The green objects that looked like eggs began to crack apart. Dragon-like creatures began to crawl out. They have a greenish hue, and have bug wings that break out from under their huge backs. They quickly grew to the size of humans. I watched as they took to the air. Whenever they beat their wings, they release green spores. the spores cause areas of land to become overgrown with flora. I quickly blasted off using my powers to escape them.

After I reached my secret warehouse where I keep my equipment, I turned on the news channel to see how far this was happening. Reports say that Mechanical Bat-dragons had been spotted coming out of eggs in Africa. They swallow big chunks of the Earth. I gathered some extra gadgets that could come in handy when facing these creatures.

According to the news, a type of fire dragon were beginning to be active in south America. They burn anything they can find. I think about the mysterious figure in white. I still don’t know how he new where I lived, or how he could create my suit. did he have something to to with this? I also don’t know why Lady Franke would send out a swarm of berserk dragons. I picked up a signal from a popular superhero Mr. Thunder, Beckoning all superhuman people to meet him in Saint Kitts and Nevis, the smallest country in North America. I take off for the islands where Saint Kitts and Nevis are located. Maybe someone else has the answers I’m looking for.

I had a lot of fun making these designs. I like the idea of the main antagonist being hidden away with henchmen out doing the work. I don’t have much to say about these dragons design wise. I hope you’ve been enjoying these stories, I certainly been enjoying making them!

More coming soon!

By the way, the mediums that I’ve been using for this series are Stabilo fine liners and ohuhu art markers as usual

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