Lady Franke Story and process (installment 3)

At this point, you might want to go read the first two stories first, otherwise this one might not make sense.

Before I say anything else, I had no idea that Lady frankenstein was already a thing. This character has no correlation to that movie or the characters in it. This characters name is based off of the monster from the Mary Shelley book. My third installment in the superhero story series:

Lady Franke N. Bridgeham was an actor from france. She was known to spend time away from rehearsals, still playing her character. One year she played a character who was a mad scientist named Annie Stein. like usual, after her rehearsals, she continued to play her character at home. After the show was over, she would always go back to her usual self. But after this show, she didn’t. She seemed to be half herself, half Annie stein. She called herself Lady Franke N. Stein. Her husband was the first to notice, and became worried. After three days of being Franke N. Stein, her husband found her doing scientific experiments that she didn’t know how to do before. He took her to a therapist. while Lady Franke waited in line reluctantly, Her husband asked the person standing next to him, a mysterious figure in a large white coat, if they had seen anything like this. The stranger handed him a pre written note that read: I have not. Franke’s husband didn’t see the figure’s face, and after a creepy interaction like that, he didn’t want to. The therapist was baffled, and the husband left with Franke, even more worried. After another two weeks, Franke’s husband left the state in fear of what was happening. Franke N. Stein started robbing local stores and banks, and the police think that she is conducting some sort of experiment. Mr. Thunder tried to defeat her once, but she had strange technology that easily overpowered him, forcing him to retreat. All sorts of law enforcement are currently trying to stop her, but have hit a dead end. Whatever Lady Franke N. Stein is making, no one knows. only time will tell.

This was one of my favorite stories so far, but one of my least favorite designs. I feel like it’s a bit generic, an evil mad scientist. I still liked drawing it though. I’m starting to really like making the stories. From now on the Stories are going to be more like one big story, and the drawings of the characters will accompany individual parts of the story.

More designs and characters coming soon!

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