Super hero story and process installment 2

I Finished my second superhero for my story and process series! Here is this character’s story:

Ever since a young age, Oliver Adamson could blast freezing air out of his hands. He never enjoyed his ability, and could barely control it. One day, a mysterious figure in a tall white coat tripped and fell onto the highway just as a cement truck was speeding down the road. Oliver noticed what was happening, and used his powers to block the cement truck before it crashed into the person in the white coat. right before Adamson could get a look at the stranger’s face, he vanished into thin air. Later that day, Oliver walked home and realized that his powers could be put to good use. He wanted to use his powers to help people, but his abilities where always popping up at the wrong times. After he reached his house, he discovered a gray and blue suit on his bed, along with a note. The note said: Thanks for helping me out on the highway. after trying on the suit, Oliver realized that he could control his powers whenever he wore it. Now that he had the necessary tools to do so, Oliver Adamson fought crime as a masked superhero.

Like my last superhero design, Mr. Thunder, I wanted to break stereotypes with this character. Instead of changing age like I did with Mr. Thunder, I wanted to change the stereotype of how this character got their powers. I decided that Oliver would just be born with his powers, instead of being in some accident where he got them. after making that choice though, I realized that that was pretty much the story of the mutants in the Marvel universe. Oh well.

Also, I need a name for this character. leave your ideas in the comments!

More characters coming soon!

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