Mr. Thunder Story and process

recently, I decided that when designing characters, I didn’t put as much effort into making a story for my characters. so today, I decided to start a whole universe of characters, and write cringey lore for them. Here is this character’s story:

Michael Addison was an ordinary pilot, known for his excellent flying skills and spectacular mustache. One day while he was on vacation, he parked his rental car to fill it up with gas. unfortunately, he tripped, spilling gasoline every where, and he and his car caught on fire. he was rushed to a hospital. both of his legs where infected, and needed to be amputated. after the amputation, a mysterious figure wearing a long white coat entered Addison’s room, and pulled out a strange device. The authority figures in the area ran up to stop the mystery man (or woman) from hurting the patient. the cloaked figure whispered something in a strange language to the bedridden pilot, and vanished. when Michael Addison woke up, he found that his legs had been replaced by glowing lightning. he could also change any part of his body to lightning using only his mind. Addison, now going by Mr. Thunder, made it his mission to help all those in need with his new abilities.

For this drawing, I wanted to make a super hero that went against stereotypes. instead of making, a young, buff character, I decided to make it a man with a mustache in his 60’s. I used a purple outfit to resemble a storm cloud and contrast the yellow lightning.

More characters and stories coming soon!

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