New daily sketches

Daily sketch: Demon Guy

I’ve recently noticed that my artwork recently has looked a little similar to some artists that I like. I’m trying to stray away from that, and I’m liking how I’t went. Another reason I’m starting to do stuff more like this is because of my line art. I like to make sort of squiggly and wavy lines, and that wasn’t going well with what I was trying to make, which was more of a clean and angular type of style.

Mediums: Stabilo fine liner and ohuhu art markers

Daily sketch: Robot Arm

I like this drawing, especially the giant wing and robot arm, but there’s also a lot I don’t like about it, like the non-robot arm and hand, and the texture of the pants. Mistakes are good though, because now I can learn from them.

Mediums: stabilo fine liner and ohuhu art markers.

Daily sketch: One marker mini challenge

I’m trying to do more art that relies on the photo of It and the things in its surroundings. This is one. (More coming soon.)

Mediums: Ohuhu art marker (I just realized that sometimes when I only use one marker, I still write markers… oh well.)

Send in drawing requests and they will appear on the blog within a week!

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