More Drawings! (New Sketchbook!)

Aliens In Repose: Flag

A Fun Flag for Aliens in Repose! I got to a hundred views, so I decided to make this, but halfway through I realized that one person can view the same thing multiple times. It was coming along nicely though, So I decided to finish it.

Mediums: Sharpie, Stabilo fine liner, and ohuhu art markers

First drawing in a new sketchbook!

I made this drawing to show where my artistic ability stands now, that way when I finish the sketchbook, I can see my growth.

Mediums: stabilo fine liner

Daily sketch: bones

I decided to follow an art prompt. Here’s the result. šŸ™‚

Mediums: stabilo fine liner and ohuhu art markers

Daily sketch: Smoking Kills

I decided to mix up some mediums. Note: This is not supposed to be correct human anatomy. If I want my anatomy to be realistic I will say so. Don’t Smoke! (you might end up like this guy)

Mediums: Stabilo fine liner, prismacolor color pencils, and ohuhu art markers

Daily sketch: Surealism?

Soooo… I tried a more traditional version of surrealism. It didn’t really work. (again: not correct skeleton anatomy)

Mediums: Stabilo fine liner

hope you enjoyed!

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I Draw Things. Check out my blog if you wanna see my art. Remember, as a wise man once said, "Corn exists."

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