Adorable Kitty cat

This drawing was actually kind of difficult. I wanted a gritty, black and gray theme but also wanted it to have a cartoon-ish look. to do this, I started with a cartoon, happy, uplifted character. Then, I took all the happy and cartoon aspects, (big ears and gloves,) and made them droopier, drippier or hairier. The skulls and eyeballs also helped make it a little darker. That way, instead of just eliminating the cartoon parts and having a totally dark character, I managed to keep some whimsy in the drawing. This drawing is technically just as big as my recent “Joe” drawing, but took a lot less time, because I used a black ohuhu marker for some of the line work, and achieved thicker lines faster.

Mediums: stabilo fine liner, ohuhu art markers, and prismacolor color pencils

Published by Aliens In Repose CJ

I Draw Things. Check out my blog if you wanna see my art. Remember, as a wise man once said, "Corn exists."

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