Adorable Kitty cat

This drawing was actually kind of difficult. I wanted a gritty, black and gray theme but also wanted it to have a cartoon-ish look. to do this, I started with a cartoon, happy, uplifted character. Then, I took all the happy and cartoon aspects, (big ears and gloves,) and made them droopier, drippier or hairier. The skulls and eyeballs also helped make it a little darker. That way, instead of just eliminating the cartoon parts and having a totally dark character, I managed to keep some whimsy in the drawing. This drawing is technically just as big as my recent “Joe” drawing, but took a lot less time, because I used a black ohuhu marker for some of the line work, and achieved thicker lines faster.

Mediums: stabilo fine liner, ohuhu art markers, and prismacolor color pencils

Published by Aliens In Repose CJ

I Draw Things. Check out my blog if you wanna see my art. Also, monkeys are cool. No monkey haters allowed. Yo dibujo cosas. Mira mi blog si quieres ver mi arte. Además, los monos son geniales. No se permiten odiadores de monos.

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