Drawings not on paper

Disclaimer: I made these by drawing on sticker paper and then putting that on other things… so the drawings technically are on paper.

First up is this mirror. I put the items in order of least favorite to favorite. Just because this is my least favorite of the items, it doesn’t mean I don’t like it. Recently, on “what next”, I got votes from none other than another kid art blogger named Janya. I thought that was pretty cool, so I decided to merge their two votes together. they voted for three color challenge and drawings not on paper. this mirror was the result.

Mediums: ohuhu art markers and sticker paper.

Go visit Janya’s blog: https://janyasmagicalworld.wordpress.com/

When the lamp is not lit
When the lamp is lit

Next was this lamp. since it glows purple, I tried to make a purple snake, but the markers ended up drying as a reddish color. The snake was also supposed to wrap around the lamp, but I guess I didn’t consider what shape the lamp was.

Mediums: Ohuhu art markers and sticker paper

Next was this mini briefcase. I love how the green and white worked on the black. I also like the eyes in the middle.

Mediums: ohuhu art markers and sticker paper

This is my favorite item. the stickers are paper and the folder is also paper, so I ruined the point of not drawing on paper twice. I still like this one the most. For this one, I decided to merge two things: space and the ocean. I combined an astronaut and one of those old-timey scuba divers to make the character. I always thought that scuba divers and astronauts had kind of similar environments. They both wear oxygen-providing suits, They can both float around, and both explore the unknown. I got the idea when I didn’t have blue or black folders, and realized I could use one color to transmit two ideas.

Mediums: ohuhu art markers and sticker paper

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