Biggest project yet!

I am currently working on my biggest art project yet, and I’m happy to say that its coming out nicely! I’m going to leave most of the decisions to my viewers. I honestly doubt that i’ll get that many answers, if any, but if you want to take part in how this artwork will turn out, comment possible color schemes or other ideas you think would look cool on this drawing. title ideas? the total time I have spent so far is 3 hours. If you can’t tell from the picture, its the size of four sheets of copy paper put together. here’s what it looks like with currently:

Also, some hints about other things I’m working on, try to unscramble the letters:

  • ecsern ipgnrti
  • aolhhclo rraskme
  • eudsitcozm tsffu

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3 thoughts on “Biggest project yet!

  1. Hi, well i am a failure at sorting the words. I got stuff and that is it. for your artwork i am interested to see if you will somehow join/link the segments that are currently separated, maybe with a thin wire look, etc. also i would love to see the thin zig zag line colored in a brilliant blue. not sure why. and just a question, why are your eyes like Xs these days? are you saying they are not really seeing? Love, G

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    1. Love the idea with the blue! as for the x eyes, they draw inspiration from the artist kaws. he once said something about not distinguishing “high” and “low” art. I really liked the idea and wanted to show that my characters don’t distinguish high and low art either.


  2. If you build on the previous suggestion maybe all of it has a water theme for the colors, with blue and green? That said, I usually like your color choices.

    I think the first word scramble is screen printing, but there may be a second n missing in the list. No idea on the others – those are some tough word scrambles!

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